Custom club fitting is a marriage of science and art.  Virtually all Professional Golfers play clubs that are custom fit for their swings and players of every level will benefit from custom fitted golf clubs.  At Ron Seals Golf our mission is to provide the highest level of club fitting to all of our customers.


Using the state of the art Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor, we carefully measure and calibrate the player’s swing dynamics and record data including shot tendencies, spin rates, distance and strike location.  We then pair the data gathered with the unique characteristics of select equipment to create custom fitted clubs that will improve on course performance and enjoyment of the game.  Through trial and constant evaluation, choices and preferences are narrowed and ultimately decided by the customer.  All fittings include data sheets generated by the launch monitor as well as recommendations arrived at during the fitting.  We identify golf swing fundamentals as well as any physical limitations or injury that may impact the fitting process.  Occasionally the problem the golfer is attempting to fix with a new club is better addressed with golf instruction, which we may recommend before buying new clubs.


Our goal is to assist our customers in playing the best golf they are capable of and to fit and build golf clubs to make this very challenging game easier and more enjoyable.

Fitting Fees

  • Driver fitting $95 (1 hour)

  • Iron fitting $95 (1 hour)

  • Distance gapping analysis of current clubs $85 (1 hour)

*A percentage of fitting fees will be applied to same-day purchase.  Inquire for details.

Golf Club Sales

Ron Seals Golf sells OEM golf clubs at the same or similar pricing as all major retailers (Typically MAP, or minimum advertised price.)  All equipment sold is first checked for length, swingweight, loft and lie angle before delivery to the customer.  All clubs we build, fit and sell will perform as expected and if not, we will do whatever is necessary to make them right.

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